Olympia Retirement Condos

Multi-story retirement condos in Niagara built with Amvic ICF to speed up the construction process and enable a wall system that reduces utility costs while providing a safe, quiet home.

Q&A With the Owner

Q. What was the major benefit of using Amvic ICF over conventional construction?

A. The major benefit of ICF’s is the insulation factor. It is ready for drywall and there is no framework required. With Amvic ICF’s , we were able to include helix fiber into our concrete which sped up construction.

Q. Why did you choose Amvic?

A. We chose Amvic because we needed a strong block that could endure the combination of concrete and helix fiber during our pour and Amvic provided that. Also, we felt comfortable with the personnel and with the fact that it is a local company.

Olympia Retirement Condos

“For over twenty years we at Niagara Olympia Homes have been building quality homes and delivering excellent service to the people of Niagara Falls. Our goal is to provide energy efficient homes which fulfill all of our clients’ needs. We use the insulated concrete form system to build our homes because they reduce noise transmission, improve energy efficiency and thermal resistance within the unit. By choosing Amvic ICF’s we were able to speed up construction using helix fiber in the concrete which replaced the use of rebar on all horizontal and vertical interior walls because of the strength of Amvic’s ICF blocks. These walls lower utility costs while providing a safe, quiet home.” - Owner, George Bahdi